College Counseling:

Meet with counselors to assist in the college application process. This program can help students choose schools to apply to and what they want to study. Students will also learn about the materials they will need in order to apply.

Some elements of the Smart Test College Counseling program:

  • Assistance with completion of the Common Application and other institution-specific applications.
  • Assistance in writing and revising both the personal essay and supplemental essays.
  • Interview practice.
  • Verification of high school transcripts for international students.

Writing Workshop:

Participate in workshops to assist in essay writing, editing, and revising. These workshops will assist in producing a better essay, along with improving essay writing skills for use in the future.

Benefits of essay writing workshops with Smart Test:

  • Sessions can be in person or online through video chat.
  • Provides insight on the essay writing process and things to look for when editing and revising.
  • Able to accommodate wide range of English speaking ability, including ESL.
  • Learn four genres of writing — narrative, expository, persuasive, and procedural — each with a five-week session. 

Team Members: 

Ming Shen:   A veteran teacher with 30 years experience both in China and the United States. She is experienced with college preparation, not just for her students but also  for her own children.


Jennifer Copeland:  An English teacher with degrees from the University of Rhode Island and Harvard University. Her 20 years of experience also includes being a high school administrator and Director of Guidance.


Paula Marandola:   A retired educator with extensive experience in teaching both regular and special needs students and has taught children with all types of disabilities.


Richard Purnell:   A retired psychology professor from the University of Rhode Island.  He has 30 years of experience in the higher education field.