MSquare Test Prep and Tutorial Services
MSquare Test Prep and Tutorial Services

Mission Statement

Our mission at Smart Test is to expand and enrich the lives of all children, by customizing safe, supportive, and well-structured after-school opportunities that will support overall health, well-being, and academic growth. Smart Test, Inc. offers high quality educational, recreational, and cultural programs that will help nurture the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of our children. By encouraging students to express themselves, we help each of them explore his or her physical, mental, and cultural attributes, thus building respect for the diversity within our city. In addition, our organization strives to educate and involve parents in order to create a stronger bond between home and school.
At Smart Test we believe every child has a desire to learn, but may need different methods to process information. Our hands-on activities allow for academic subjects to be taught and applied in fun and interesting ways outside of the school day, and reinforce that literacy, math, and science are immersed in our day to day lives. We are committed to the process of building strong community members, and work to extend our commitment to even more children.
We at Smart Test Inc. believe low-stressed, after-school programs can motivate students to achieve success, improving their classroom performance and their desire to learn. Our experience demonstrates that fun and exciting after-school programs can complement an academic curriculum, and enable children to believe they can be successful in the classroom as well.
Because Smart Test Inc., dedicates its efforts towards ensuring top-rated, educational services tailored for children with various needs, evaluation of our programs is on-going so that we can accommodate for individual strengths, and interests. Instructional and environmental modifications may be made on a regular basis to guarantee that each student reaches his or her optimum achievement and enjoyment level.
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